• Buy Back – Were you ever told that when you were finished traveling you can actually sell your ownership back to the developer because they have a buyback program, maybe first right of refusal or told you that your purchase was a positive investment?

    Maintenance Locked In – Did your sales rep ever tell you that by purchasing into this property or program, your maintenance fees would be locked in or frozen at a certain price or at a fixed rate? Were you told you would no longer have maintenance fees by getting into a particular property / program?

    Down Payment Assistance / Zero Down – Were you ever told that you didn’t need to make a down payment? No money down? A few weeks after your purchase, do you remember getting a letter in the mail saying you owed money to Barclays, Bank of America, or Bill Me Later…accounts you don’t remember signing up for? Without being made aware, was your previous mortgage rolled into one of these programs as a down payment for your most recent purchase?

    Interest Rate – Do you remember ever being told that the interest rate on your loan currently was extremely high, and now there is a way to reduce your interest rate? (If yes) Did this result in credit applications with short-term rates that skyrocket after 6 months into the loan? Do you still have copies of those applications?

    Rental – Did your sales rep ever tell you that by purchasing into a particular property, or program, you could rent out the points that you were not going to be using this year to generate a positive income, or even offset your maintenance and / or monthly mortgage payments?

    Phantom or Ghost Trade – Were you ever told that your current property was going to be traded back to the developer for a new resort, but when you got home you realized you had two mortgage payments, two properties, and two debts? As a result, the original property was never traded and you were left with the new property and original property?

    Power Deed – Were you ever told that the reason you’re having difficulty booking reservation requests are because you have multiple deeds, and you need to combine your deeds all into one for better reservation power, and by doing so they would lower the interest rate on your loan?

    Missed Option – Did your rep ever look at you with disbelief and say I see that you declined our special event that was held in your area for owners that was mailed out to you…subsequently saying you never received the letter referring to a special deal that was miraculously made available to you?

    Location, Location, Location – Were you ever advised that the location you were at was a prime location and by purchasing at that particular property it would be more valuable or even easier to rent out due to the high demand of people trying to stay at that resort? The maintenance fees at that particular resort are the lowest of any other resort?

    Maintenance Fee Increase Scare / Assessment Fees – Were you ever told that you needed to change the location of your ownership to avoid high maintenance fees, or an assessment fee that is going to be charged to your account in the near future?

    VIP Privileges – Did they tell you that you would lose your VIP privileges or that your VIP benefits were “going away?” because the VIP levels are increasing?

    Is there any additional information you would like to include that you feel was misleading or pressuring?

    Are there additional promises your rep fell short of fulfilling?

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