Credit Advocacy

United Doc Prep is a premier service provider assisting clients in the areas of Business Formations, Property Deeds, Residential Lease Agreements, Name Changes, Power of Attorney, Intellectual Property, Personal Credit, and other legal documentation or process needs. United Doc Prep has a proven track record in supporting everyday people in the processing requirements to assist in achieving their goals.

After working with many companies to upgrade our services and help in our commitment to advocacy and gaining freedom for our clients; Resort Advisory Group has decided to not only partner with United Doc Prep but to bring their Personal Credit process in-house.  We have found a synergistic advantage in being able to connect both sides for the betterment of our clients. With the changes in the industry and the world fiscally, it just makes sense in a world that doesn’t always seem to make sense.

While Resort Advisory Group works in its process to resolve your contractual issues, the use of United Doc Preps’ personal credit processes will make sure that your credit is not left in the dark. If qualified, ask your Analyst about United Doc Prep.



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