Our team at Resort Advisory Group has heard many stories from people who were manipulated into signing timeshare contracts. For many, the timeshare headache began with the promise of a free gift. Some received brochures promising a that the developer would treat them to a free meal, others heard about gift certificates, or even a chance to win a free boat. Regardless of what bait the timeshare developer used, clients that agreed to work with Resort Advisory Group told us how they resented every aspect of their timeshare purchase.

Some of our clients tell us about efforts they previously made to rescind or cancel their purchase. Since the rescission period passed, developers refused to let people out of the contracts. The owners went to see lawyers, bringing the lengthy contacts they signed. When lawyers scanned through the many paragraphs of the timeshare contracts, they noted that our clients had initialed and signed the contract in several places. With so much documentation from formidable opponents, lawyers that lacked experience with timeshare were reluctant to litigate.

At Resort Advisory Group, our team has extensive experience with timeshare.

By listening to the responses our clients give to questions, we document misrepresentations and manipulations. The particular circumstances of our clients provide our team with the ammunition we need to obliterate timeshare contracts. If the developer failed to comply with state laws designed to protect consumers, their contracts may not stand.

It’s true that only a court of law or the parties themselves can cancel a contract. Our experience, however, strengthens the case for the people with whom we work. Just as developers know the pressure points that lead people into signing contracts under false or misleading pretenses, we know the pressure points that can undo those contracts.

If you feel as if the developer wronged you or tricked you into signing a contract, then call Resort Advisory Group for a free consultation. Our specialists stand ready to help with a series of free consultations. Either the developer will cancel your contract, or you will not pay a dime for our services. Call 1-800-334-9176.