At Resort Advisory Group, we’ve done some simple research to learn how many American households own timeshares, and how many try canceling timeshares. One source, Fox News reports that 8 percent of all US Households in the US own a timeshare. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry that continues to grow.

Specialists and analysts who offer free consultations at our company hear from many people who purchased a timeshare. Those owners believe they that they purchased the timeshare under fraudulent misrepresentations about what they could expect. They contact us for more information on steps they can take to cancel their timeshare contract. They describe their experience with the timeshare as an expensive headache, one that they were manipulated into buying.

When people call our specialists to cancel the timeshare contract, they tell us that they made the purchase on an impulse—when their guard was done. For some, the mail brought an expected postcard indicating that if they attended a presentation they would receive something of value for free. Others were vacationing at a resort when an offer of a free lunch or free dinner or free something lured them into a presentation.

During the presentation, our clients tell us that the timeshare sales agent laid out an elaborate presentation that showed how much they’d been spending on vacations. The orchestrated presentation made the value seem plausible. When our clients sat through the presentation, whether at a resort or in a hotel presentation room, they truly believed that the timeshare would deliver value and that they’d enjoy paradise when experiencing the timeshare.

Yet as time passed, our clients describe being let down by the timeshare developer. Representatives who sold the timeshare no longer respond to our clients. Consequently, the owners felt abandoned and let down because the timeshare developer didn’t live up to the promise of the presentation. Instead, the developer continued to charge higher fees for maintenance and assessments.

If you want to cancel your timeshare contract because you’re disappointed, or because the timeshare developer misrepresented the benefits that you anticipated receiving, then you should explore options. Review the laws in your state, some of which we publish on our website at

Don’t allow a bad decision you made on an impulse to drag you down perpetually. If you’ve purchased a timeshare contract that you now regret, and you want to cancel your timeshare contract, then call our specialists at Resort Advisory Group at 1-800-334-9176.