At Resort Advisory Group, we have an expansive team dedicated to helping people who want to cancel timeshare contracts. News reports indicate that approximately 8% of all US households own timeshares. Although many people enjoy the use of their timeshares, people call 1-844-493-5992 seeking assistance when they feel as if they’ve been scammed, or defrauded.

Sometimes, the scams don’t end with the timeshare purchase.

I’m Michael Santos, author and consumer advocate, endorsing Resort Advisory Group. My role at the company is to write articles for the website. We provide free information about the timeshare industry because we want people to learn about consumer-protection laws. Since we can’t accept everyone as a client, we offer free information anyone can use as a resource for cancelling timeshare contracts.

With my writing responsibilities, I rarely have an opportunity to talk with people who call seeking to cancel their timeshare contracts.

Today, however, I received a call from a woman who heard about our work to cancel timeshare contracts. The lady expressed reluctance to give her name or email address. She described a horrible story about her experience with a timeshare that was causing undo hardship on her family.

We learned that she and her husband were living on a fixed income. They owned a timeshare requiring $3,000 in annual maintenance payments. They haven’t used the timeshare in longer than a decade. Since her husband has dementia, she’ll never use the timeshare again. With her good credit, the developer refused to make accommodations. The lady told me that a telemarketer had called her before and talked her into paying $10,000 to sell her timeshare. After she paid, she never heard from the individual again and she is still burdened with the timeshare.

We empathize with people who’ve been victimized. They’re trapped in timeshare contracts that they do not want. Unfortunately, many are victimized a second time by scammers who prey upon vulnerable people.

Since she’d been taken many times before, we wanted to earn her trust. We suggested she read our website so that she would have a better idea of our process. We have a company policy of not pressuring anyone into making decisions.

Our team members bring many advantages. Their unparalleled experience allows them to use laws to cancel timeshare contracts. But their depth and breadth of experience also empowers them to help consumers who’ve been scammed in the Timeshare aftermarket.

As a writer and consumer advocate, my role is to provide insight for consumers who want to make an informed decision. If you’d like a free consultation, contact our team at Resort Advisory Group.

Call 1-800-334-9176.