Contract Resolution Services

We work to resolve your contract if the developer did any of the following:

  • used deceptive marketing tactics to lure you into a presentation
  • used high-pressure sales manipulations during the presentation
  • misrepresented from the developer for serviced received
  • did not fully explain the resale market
  • indicated that your purchase was an investment opportunity
  • did not fully explain maintenance costs
  • did not fully explain your exposure to assessment fees
  • did not fully explain how you would receive harassing calls for upgrades
  • did not fully explain the finance terms
  • did not fully explain that your contract would incur ongoing liabilities
  • did not fully explain the real estate purchase is time & not a fee simple purchase

“We appreciate your efforts to guide us through the entire process of cancelling our developer contract. After the relentless pressure from the timeshare developer, we welcomed your honesty and integrity. We felt skeptical that anyone could save us. Your team of professionals eliminated our stress, our debt, and allowed us to enjoy vacations again. Thank you!”

Howard and Cindy—Columbia City, OR

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