Feel trapped with your timeshare? Don’t fear, people free themselves from financial burdens quite often.

Most of us have been there. Someone approaches us when we are vulnerable, it seemed like a great idea at the time so we end up falling into the timeshare trap.

For many, maybe it was great for a few years. But later on, as you continue to pay those annual fees for maintenance, utilities and taxes year after year, you might now regret that decision.

There are some very good reasons people like you should get rid of your timeshare.

You Feel Deceived

You aren’t alone if you feel misled buying into a timeshare. You have a gut feeling that you made a bad decision.

You may have been promised things such as flexibility, and freedom that just isn’t there.

Maybe you were sold on the idea that this was an investment. All you have to do is find people to rent out the timeshare and charge them more, to pocket the profit.

Maybe the company isn’t keeping up their side of the deal and the timeshare isn’t managed as promised.

You should get rid of your timeshares that aren’t what you were promised.

Vacations Aren’t Like They Used To Be

People take vacations to take a break from everyday stresses. Life can be chaotic and you and your family deserve time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Researchers have found that vacations reduce stress and are valuable for good mental health and well-being.

But with timeshares, there are several reasons that your once loved vacation now become a chore.

You may have to take your vacation at limited times, you have to book your timeshare well in advance. There’s very little flexibility.

You feel forced to take a vacation when it’s not a good time.

Aren’t as spontaneous with your vacations.

You really want to take your family on a cruise this year. But you feel obligated to go to the timeshare. But you can’t always do both.

So you go to take your family to the timeshare instead and It’s the same old spot. Nothing new or exciting. Nothing to look forward to.

More Trouble Than It’s Worth

Maybe you purchased a timeshare and it has turned into a nightmare.

Your timeshare was broken into, windows and doors were broken, walls were destroyed, its time to replace the roof or fix the pool in the backyard, or parts of the place were ruined during the hurricane.

Or maybe you’re trying to rent the place out and manage renters from another location.

Stress can cause some big effect on your health and your relationships.

It just isn’t worth it, you have other options.

You Can’t Afford it Anymore

Financial hardships happen to all of us.

You might have been laid off, or maybe you decided to start your own business and you just don’t have the disposable income you are used to.

You might have had medical bills start piling up or are going through a divorce. Maybe you just want to save more money towards your retirement.

Your timeshare may be a financial burden and taking a toll on your bank account little by little.

It can be nice to have, yes. But you really should have more flexibility with your life and your money.

Free Your Timeshare Burden

Cutting your losses is better than just continuing to pay. What else could you be doing with that money?

Cancel your Timeshare and instead:

  • Send your family on a vacation to a place they’ve always dreamed of visiting.
  • Save your money for your kid’s college tuition.
  • Invest your money that you were once putting into a timeshare into a mutual fund and make a return on your money.
  • Buy a new car that you’ve been wanting to have.

There are so many smarter opportunities to make with your money when it’s no longer tied up in a timeshare.

When you cancel your timeshare, you’ll likely need to sell it. And this may mean selling it for what you paid for it without regard to all you’ve put in since. Or selling a less than you paid for it. You may also have cancelation fees.

But when you do the math, even if you take a loss, it’s better than continuing to pay into something that doesn’t “love you back”.

But can people really get rid of timeshares?

It is possible to break free from your timeshare

Canceling a timeshare can be a drawn out and costly process. But it doesn’t have to be. It is possible to break free from the timeshare without costly fees. We can take that burden off you. Call us today at 1-800-334-9176