STEP 1 : Enter and submit information

As an industry leader advocating for the resolution of timeshare contracts, we have had phenomenal success in helping people like you make a smooth exit from their timeshare contract. Please explore some of our client testimonials and see how our expertise helped them exit from their unwanted timeshare contracts.

STEP 2: Advisor will schedule a call

Our specialist will schedule time for a 100% free consultation call to assess your timeshare contract.

STEP 3: Advisor reviews your case

Our specialist will prepare a file for your case advisor to review the case.

STEP 4: Advisor discusses plan to exit contract

Your case advisor will contact you to discuss the plan to exit your timeshare contract.

STEP 5: Our team begins process of resolution

Your case advisor will send you a service agreement that will allow our team of professionals to begin the process of resolving your timeshare contract.

STEP 6: Liability letter sent to the developer

We will provide you with a letter from the developer that relieves you of all further liability regarding the timeshare contract.

STEP 7: We request a testimonial

We will ask for your honest testimonial of the service we provided to exit your timeshare contract.